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A1 Asphalt Paving & Sealing provides heavy duty asphalt paving services. For high traffic areas or heavy truck traffic in your commercial or industrial commercial parking lot, it is necessary to install a base asphalt prior to the installation of surface asphalt. This prolongs the life of the asphalt in these high traffic or heavy traffic areas.

Design & Construction of Heavy-Duty Pavements

Following are two definitions of heavy-duty pavements: • The Asphalt Institute (AI) defines heavy-duty pavements as those that carry heavy vehicles (like log-hauling trucks, dump-body haulers, forklift trucks, etc.) with large wheel loads and unique tire configurations that cannot be designed using standard pavement design procedures (AI, 2007).

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Jan 12, 2018 · For full-depth heavy-duty commercial lots, it is recommended to apply a layer about 7.5” thick of hot mix asphalt on the subgrade. For a light-duty parking lot with an aggregate base, a hot mix asphalt layer of 3” thick on a 6” aggregate base is recommended.


PAVEMENT FOR HEAVY TRUCK USE Case studies of public records spanning nearly 60 years have shown that heavy duty hot mix asphalt pavements have an outstanding record for good performance and economy on Ohio's Interstate and other major highways (1 thru 7 ). These studies confirm that asphalt pavements properly

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For full-depth, heavy-duty parking lots, he recommends 7.5 inches of hot mix asphalt on subgrade. For light-duty parking lots with an aggregate base, Murphy recommends 3 inches of hot mix asphalt on 6 inches of aggregate base. For heavy-duty parking lots, he recommends 6 inches of hot mix asphalt on 3 inches of aggregate base. “It is important to recognize that both the light-duty and heavy-duty …

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Heavy duty construction equipment, LeBron James, and asphalt pavement all have one thing in common — they were built to perform. Roadway owners are consistently telling the asphalt industry that performance is what they desire the most, so NAPA’s 2019 technical conference — Paving for Performance: Built to Perform — focuses on delivering smooth, long-lasting, high performance pavements.

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Our Heavy-Duty Paving Blocks are made from all-natural, environmentally friendly, gray granite quarried and fabricated in the United States. They have a smooth, split finish top and bottom, and are sawn two sides, split two sides. These extremely durable paving blocks are so strong they can be recycled and used again on future projects.

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PavePrep is a heavy duty, high strength pavement repair geo composite membrane used to reinforce and waterproof pavement cracks and joints, reduce reflective cracking of asphalt overlays, and as heavy duty bridge deck water proofing membrane.

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Deliver quality blacktop repair every time with the Ultime Asphalt Hand Roller - made in USA.


have shown that heavy duty asphalt pavements have an outstanding record for good performance and economy on Ohio's Interstate and other major highways (1 thru 7 ). These studies confirm that asphalt pavements properly designed and constructed for heavy truck traffic do not have to be dug up and patched periodically because of structural

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SWEPCO Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer. A premium quality black, solvent base asphalt sealer consisting of SWEPCO’s exclusive “Heart of Texas” and Tri-Mastic 49 Asphalts. It protects both old and new asphalt pavement, sealing out moisture to keep the pavement’s base sound, preventing cracks and chuck holes, prolonging the life...

Why the Thickness of Asphalt Pavement Matters

May 14, 2018 · For a residential driveway, this won’t require the same level of asphalt thickness as a heavy-duty commercial lot. The granular base aggregate used for a residential driveway is typically 6 to 8 inches. For commercial lots, granular base aggregate is dependent on usage, but is typically 8 inches.

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Asphalt Repair & Resurface. One of the advantages of asphalt driveways compared to other materials is the relative ease of repair and resurfacing.

Georgia DOT Asphalt Pavement Selection Guidelines

PG 76-22 is a polymer modified asphalt cement and is normally used for high traffic areas. The list of qualified bituminous materials is QPL-7. The type of asphalt binder for each mix will be included on the approved GDOT Job Mix Formula for each type of mix. Specifications for asphalt cement are located in Section 820 of the GDOT Specifications.

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Roads Paving is an asphalt paving contractor offering driveway and parking lot paving, sealcoating, and repairs in the Seattle, Bellevue, Kent, Tacoma areas.

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The LeeBoy 8530 heavy commercial paver features the Legend HD PRO Screed. Having the ability to pave widths up to 15’ 6”, its heavy design produces superior mat quality in a variety of road and other pavement construction projects.

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Our Hot Top asphalt tarps are designed to fit most dump truck and dump truck trailer tarp systems, either new or as replacement tarps. Especially...

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Is the pavement structure (subgrade, subbase, base, and all asphalt layers) adequate to support the loads? You need to purchase our MS-23 Manual, Thickness Design of Asphalt Pavements for Heavy Wheel Loads. Is the hot mix asphalt surface stiff enough to resist deformation (ruts or indentations)?

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Jun 28, 2018 · For heavy-duty lots, the newer standard specifies four inches of asphalt over 12 inches of base vs. 6.5 inches of applied directly over a compacted earth base. Using traditional design …

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Walaschek & Associates, Inc have been serving the parking lot and driveway needs of business and home owners in Florida for over 35 years. It is a third generation, family business that was founded in 1968 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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ASPHALT RE-SURFACING Re-surfacing your residential driveway is a possible option for you, instead of having your driveway completely re-done. An important fact to consider before paving …

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Pav-Kote Inc. Paving Contractors Paving Contractors Providing Over 40 Years of Quality Services. Located in Fullerton, California.

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Apr 02, 2009 · Heavy duty pavements are pavements subjected to the extremely heavy wheel loads associated with freight handling vehicles in industrial facilities, such as con…

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Asphalt Paving Contractor | New Construction | Asphalt Parking Lot Installation | Parking Lot Milling Re-surfacing | Heavy Duty Paving | Industrial Paving | Private ...

Flexible Vehicular Brick Paving

General . Flexible brick pavements, as defined in this Guide, consist of sand set or bituminous set brick pavers over layers of conventional pavement materials.


Part2 of this Guide is a model specification suitable for paving with asphalt on small-scale works. Additional copies of the specification are available from AAPA. For larger asphalt projects, AAPA

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Industrial applications often require heavy duty mixes to ensure resistance to loading such as tracked vehicles, stacked containers, stationary turning operations and abrasive forces. A heavy duty mix is a dense-graded mix containing large nominal maximum aggregate sizes, usually between 0.75 and 1.5 inches (NAPA, 2002).

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Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer excels in both areas. SWEPCO’s highly effective bonding agent, Zonamine, helps the sealer form a tight, uniform bond. And that means it has superior resistance to the chipping and peeling encountered in cheap paving sealers and asphalt paints. SWEPCO’s outstanding resistance to wear results from

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Choose from our great selection of asphalt hand tools to make your daily asphalt work easier. NAC Supply carries reliable and effective paving hand tools.

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As the asphalt binder wears way from the surface with traffic, the color of the aggregate is exposed. Use an additive in the asphalt binder. Various iron compounds can impart a red, green, yellow or orange tint to a pavement, while other colors can be achieved using different metal additives.


RMS defines a heavy duty pavement in its AGPT02/10 supplement as one that will receive a design traffic loading of 10 7 ESA or more during its first 20 years of service.

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ULTICRETE (formally Axocrete) The result of Tarmac’s unrivalled expertise in cement and asphalt technology, ULTICRETE is an advanced hybrid solution that offers outstanding resistance to deformation and long term durability in the most challenging environments.

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Asphalt Paving & Milling ContraTek provides all kind of Asphalt solutions, which include heavy duty Asphalt paving and milling services. Porta Cabin Manufacturing

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Although a flexible brick pavement provides a durable surface for light or heavy vehicular appli- cations, the surface of a segmental pavement may not provide a smooth ride at high speeds. Brick roads tend to slow traffic as subtle variations in the surface cause decreasing ride comfort as speed increases.

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This was WSDOT’s “standard” base course paving mix that could also be used as a heavy duty surface mix. Class E was supplanted by the current Class 1 inch HMA Superpave mix design. Class G . Dense-graded HMA for thin lifts (usually 1 inch thickness or less).

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DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS [TRAFFIC] Class 1 (≤ 50 cars/day) Driveways Play areas Parking lots (≤ 50 stalls) Seasonal recreation roads Residential streets Parking lots (> 50

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superpave asphalt mixture design, standard construction, hma base course 309 - 1 309 - 1 320 aggregate-bituminous base course 320 - 1 320 - 3 321 aggregate-cement base course 321 - 1 321 - 3 341 cold recycled bituminous base course, cold-in-place 341 - 1 341 - 3 342 cold recycled bituminous base course, central plant mix

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Installation of paving fabrics, applies and distributes reinforcement fabrics, road oils and emulsions.

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PolyTar ® Heavy Duty Pavement Sealer DESCRIPTION: GemSeal ® PolyTar ® is a premium heavy duty, superior performance, polymer-modified refined tar emul- sion pavement sealer containing a high molecular weight polymer which has been cross-linked with refined tar (RT-12) to enhance durability, adhesion, elasticity and wear resistance.

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Motorcycles on a kickstand are too heavy for asphalt. It will sink in, especially on hot days in the sun. ... Bury a paving stone beside the driveway or use a thick metal plate. reply to Mark; ... Concrete is the superior material of the two by far.The duty cycle surpasses the asphalt by decades.The structural comparison of the two are heavily ...

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Need to install a driveway or parking lot at your Crossville, TN office building? When you turn to Wilson Paving for commercial paving services, you can expect us to... Use heavy-duty equipment to leave you with a professional finish; Handle all prep work, including grading and leveling; Provide paving services at your convenience

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We refurbish re-manufacture, sell & export refurbished used heavy equipment and refurb used road paving asphalt equipment. Miller is Paving Your Way to More Profits!

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423-741-5435 - FREE estimates. Church, military, and senior citizen discounts. All work is guaranteed. Asphalt paving. Sealcoating. Heavy-duty hauling.

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Mar 01, 2006 · A dense-graded asphalt pavement is assigned a Structural Number of 3.0 or three times as strong per inch of thickness as the graded aggregate base. For …

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Earth Work and Site Foreman. Miller Operators. Paver and Roller Operators. Experienced Asphalt Laborer. Experienced Concrete Finishers. CDL Tri-Axle Drivers

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220 Asphalt Paving Equipment Mechanic jobs available on Indeed. Apply to Mechanic, Equipment Operator, Lead Mechanic and more!

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Smooth and level your asphalt repair materials with a heavy duty 8”x 8” metal tamper from Unique. The design is optimal for smaller asphalt repairs.

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As professionals in both and asphalt paving for all kinds of driveways, parking lots, and public areas we offer a full range of services.

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Among the services provided are heavy duty pavement parking, curbs and gutters, monolithic pours, patios, dumpster pad installations and repairs, ADA compliant handicap ramps and any other major commercial applications.

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Whether a project is standard or heavy duty, safety related, routine maintenance, or new construction, Eaton Asphalt has the expertise and equipment to get the job done. Trust Eaton Asphalt Paving Company to handle your next asphalt paving project.

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Apply your asphalt sealer with a heavy-duty sealer brush from Unique Paving Materials. This 30-inch brush is made for project sites that are bigger and can use a broader brush than our 24-inch model. This product comes as a complete set, but you can also purchase the 36-inch brush refill on its own if …

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Mar 05, 2019 · Now a day’s asphalt paving is a very popular material as paving. The mostly driveway

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Balancing project requirements and environmental concerns are becoming more important with every new project, particularly where heavy-duty pavement is required to manage high traffic and heavy loads. For modern heavy-duty pavement design and construction, TRUEGRID PRO PLUS commercial permeable pavers balance all of these factors with ease.

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D & S Paving Inc. is a full-service, professional paving contractor.

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View Bituminous Roadway's Asphalt Calculator here. We're a Asphalt Paving Company that services the Twin Cities area. Call our Pavers for more info. 651-686-7001

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Why Rent Paving Equipment? Accessing heavy equipment on a temporary basis is a cost-effective way to supplement your fleet while controlling expenses and overhead. When you rent asphalt equipment from us, you only pay for the machines you require while they are in use.

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KM International is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality and most user friendly asphalt equipment on the market. KM International's asphalt equipment is designed for the use of asphalt companies and government entities. With equipment in over 44 countries KM International is the world leader in asphalt maintenance equipment.