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The asphalt distributor is the most complex piece of equipment used in seal coat construction work because it has many components, and all must be operating properly. An asphalt distributor is a truck-mounted, insulated tank, with numerous special purpose attachments.

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Streamlined design minimizes maintenance while enhancing performance and productivity on asphalt application accuracy and quality.

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The Stepp STRD Trailer Mounted Asphalt Distributor is designed for spraying all types of asphalt emulsions and cutback type oils. Our distributors come in two different configurations; 100 GPM with an 8’ spray bar, or the 150 GPM with a 12’ spray bar.

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b. Do not overfill. c. DO NOT SMOKE. VIII. Distributor and Chassis General Safety a. The operator shall be responsible for the pre-trip of the chassis as well as

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RMT Asphalt Distributor OPERATION, MAINTENANCE & PARTS Manual Part No. 38847 Begins With Serial No. 38037 Revised 04-01-03 NOTE: It is the responsiblity of the customer or user's

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The asphalt distributor is a complex piece of equipment. For a smooth operation, the equipment must be in good working condition and the correct procedures must be followed.

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Asphalt Distributor Trucks # Asphalt Distributor Trucks Our distributor trucks are built for efficient and accurate heating and application of AC, asphalt cement and emulsions on medium and large …

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 Allow the distributor to apply asphalt, at the specified rate, onto the plates.  Pick up one of the plates and place in the corresponding tared pan.  Next, make a pass with the aggregate spreader over the remaining plate.  Pick up this plate and place in the other tared pan.

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Last updated November 2015. 4 for (polymer – either SBR or SBS) or an “S” for added solvent or fuel oil modifier for longer cold-mix stockpile life.

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BULLETIN 15 (Publication 35) Qualified Products List for Construction Posted: 2/28/2020 3:24:41PM Bulletin 15 Description Bulletin 15 is a listing of prequalified materials that are eligible for use on Department construction projects.

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China Shot Blasting Machine supplier, Chip Sealer, Asphalt Plant Manufacturers/ Suppliers - Henan Yilong Machinery Co., Ltd.

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With a larger fully circulating extending spray bar, the Rosco Maximizer 3B has the ability to cover a wide area in an extremely efficient manner. For more information and key features, visit our website.


Page 2 Standard Construction Specifications Division 40 – Asphalt Surfacing Revised 11/08 Nuclear Method ASTM D-4791 Flat and Elongated Particles


Always give your dealer the Serial Number of your Asphalt Distributor when ordering parts or when requesting service or other information. The Serial Number Plate is located on the center, left side of the Distributor, just ahead of the fender. (See Figure 1-1) Write the serial number in the space provided on page 3, Users' Reference Guide.

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Section 424—Bituminous Surface Treatment Page 4 Zone Asphalt Cement Emulsified Asphalt 1 May 1–September 15 April 10–September 15 2 April 15–October 5 April 1–October 5

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Left view shows the shaft seal of the “packed” pump. A packed pump uses compressed graphite rope to seal the pump shaft. This is a typical high temperature shaft sealing method.

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Author: David Walter Affordable Metal Recycling Machines by Top Manufacturer. AMS400 Scrap Copper Cable Granulator is a kind of copper wire recycling machine.


1.1 This three-part procedure is a method for calibrating asphalt distributor tanks, verifying ... PART I—ASPHALT DISTRIBUTOR TANK CALIBRATION 2. SCOPE ... Section 10. This deviation must not exceed 10% for any nozzle.


405.4.1-Emulsion Distributor: The distributor shall be so designed, equipped, maintained and operated that asphalt material may be applied uniformly on variable widths up to 16 ft. (4.6 m) at readily determined and controlled rates from 0.05 to 2.0 gal. per sq. yd.

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2019109Pro Garnet Ltd. is an international Garnet abrasive importer and distributor. We have 12 years of experience in Europes Garnet supply which we are now bringing also into UK. We deal solely with Garnet abrasives for Waterjet cutting and Blasting applications. …


226 Materials List. Use aggregate that meets requirements of 1003.06. Submit a Certificate of Analysis with the JMF to the District Laboratory Engineer

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quantity of residual asphalt. ***** The bituminous material paid for will be the measured quantities of

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Asphalt binder is used in hot mix asphalt, in asphalt-treated permeable base, as pre-coating for aggregate used in seal coats, and as a tack coat. Modified asphalt binder is used in rubberized hot mix asphalt. At normal ambient temperatures, asphalt is a solid and must be heated before it is mixed with aggregates or is applied as tack coat.


View and Download Rosco Maximizer 2B operation, service & parts manual online. Asphalt Distributor. Maximizer 2B Construction Equipment pdf manual download.

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adding, deleting, or revising text. For bracketed items, choose applicable item(s) or insert appropriate information. Remove information and requirements not required in


2003 SPECIFICATIONS DIVISION 400 NOTE: Brooming should be done during the cooler hours of the day and in such a manner as to not displace aggregate embedded in the asphalt.

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SUDAS Standard Specifications Division 7 - Streets and Related Work Section 7050 - Asphalt Stabilization 4 Revised: 2012 Edition 3.06 GRADE AND COMPACT MATERIAL A. Blade blended material on the roadway to form a uniform mat over the final design cross-

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EZ Street Utility Cuts, Utility Cut Repair, Corangamite Shire, Residential Utility Cut Repair—Get In And Get Out Faster With EZ Street Asphalt, Utility Cut at Treatment Plant, Healdsburg, CA, Water Service Utility Cut Repair, Healdsburg, CA, Music City. The Grand Ole Opry. Titans football. And…green asphalt for utility cut repairs?, Can EZ Street Cold Asphalt Duke It Out With Old Man ...

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Etnyre Asphalt Distributors Black-Topper Centennial Series Asphalt Distributor Improved control and less maintenance. Electronic asphalt pump speed control provides superior dependability and more precise control than manual systems. ... Tank construction is a steel shell and full section surge plates, fiberglass insulation covered with ...


The emulsion distributor is the most important piece of equipment on a prime treat- ment project. Its purpose is to uniformly apply A EP to a surface at a specified rate and

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Asphalt Contractor is the only publication in the industry dedicated to the success of asphalt producers and paving contractors.

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Etnyre, Centennial, Series, Distributor, Truck, Bearcat, emulsion, emulsion sprayer, tack truck, tack wagon, Black Topper


2008 Edition Unified Government Asphalt Repairs Technical Provisions 3300-04 limits directed by Engineer filled with full depth asphalt overlay material to the elevation of

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Applying a tack coat requires a sophisticated piece of equipment like the Rosco Maximizer 2B. The folding spray bar allows application without extensions and easily adjust to provide even coverage of triple overlap fan spray pattern.



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Caterpillar offers a broad range of asphalt paving machines from wheel and track asphalt pavers to tamper bar and vibratory screeds.

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ASTM standards designed to ensure quality road, paving, and related transportation materials.

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US4960242A US07/225,712 US22571288A US4960242A US 4960242 A US4960242 A US 4960242A US 22571288 A US22571288 A US 22571288A US 4960242 A US4960242 A US 4960242A Authority US United States Prior art keywords valve means manifold tube piston member Prior art date 1988-07-28 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.


DIVISION 6 ASPHALT PAVEMENTS SECTION 600 PRIME COAT 600-1 DESCRIPTION ... Provide, maintain, and operate a pressure distributor that is designed and equipped such that the asphalt material remains at a constant temperature and may be applied


Performance ASPHALT EMULSION EQUIPMENT PUMPS AEMA Guidelines Rev. 1 Mar 2004 21-4 so it is accessible for maintenance and repair . Being able to remove the pump’s inter-nal members without removing the pump from the base is often very handy.

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Transportation in the interest of information exchange under DTFH61-13-D-00009, Task Order 0001. The U.S. Government assumes no liability for the use of the information contained


Section 605 600-6 APPLICATION RATES 6-2 1 AND TEMPERATURES 2 Apply the prime coat at a rate from 0.20 to 0.50 gal/sy. The exact rate for each application


cationic emulsified asphalt directly to the pressure distributor from the transport tanker. Provide and maintain temperature measuring devices to continuously monitor the temperature of anionic emulsified asphalt or cationic emulsified asphalt in storage and in the pressure distributor.

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Revised: June 11, 2019 Office of Materials Qualified Products List QPL # 7 Page 2 of 6 OM-Bituminous Construction Branch Supplier Type Location Code Address Contact Products Grade/Type


Equip the distributor with either a tachometer attached to the pump shaft and calibrated to indicate revolution per minute, or a pressure gauge placed in the distributing system and calibrated to indicate …

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The asphalt distributor truck dispenses the asphalt emulsion, an aggregate spreader vehicle is required, a pneumatic roller (figure 9) is used, and a broom removes the excess chips. A slurry mixer and dispensing vehicle are needed to apply the slurry. Application The application is the same as the chip and the slurry seals stated earlier.

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Oct 02, 1990 · An asphalt distributor has a spray bar assembly that includes at least one extendable and retractable spray bar section for extending the overall width of the spray ...

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The Asphalt Materials section of the Office of Materials Management conducts testing and personnel approvals in support of ODOT Districts project contract administration, contractor and supplier approvals, material investigations, as well as implementation of new specifications and technology.

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Potential to open wall to increase capacity of asphalt tank, although only half of the total tank space is heated. Here is a link with information provided by Etnyre for questions regarding distributor

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Seal Coat and Surface Treatment Manual ii TxDOT 3/2017 Section 2 — Selection of Binder ...

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A roadway cross section is a vertical section of the ground and roadway at right angles to the centerline of the roadway, including all elements of a highway or street from the right-of-way line (lanes, shoulders, retaining walls, curbs, medians, pavement structure, roadside slopes, ditches, bike lanes and sidewalks).


02515 Aggregate Seal Coating – 3/8” Chips August 10, 2016 - Master Page 1 of 3 SECTION 02515 . AGGREGATE SEAL COATING – 3/8” CHIPS . PART 1 - GENERAL

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Section 00705 - Emulsified Asphalt Prime Coat and Emulsified Asphalt Fog Coat Description - This work consists of applying asphalt, with or without aggregate cover materials, to a prepared surface. The prime coat referred to in these Specifications is a penetration treatment to aggregate surfaces to coat and bind the material into a hard surface.

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Tack coat is an application of liquid asphalt material on an existing pavement surface that provides a bond with a new asphalt pavement. The bonding of pavement courses …



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Immediately following the application of the asphalt emulsion, cover coat material shall be spread in quantities as designated. The spreading rate may vary from the rate shown in …