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Our STRATOS Chip Sealing Distributors are designed for spraying asphalt emulsion products prior to the application of stone chips. Our diesel heated asphalt distributor tanks are ideal for spraying a variety of lower temperature products such as SS1, CRS, CSS-1 and CRS2 and others, with heating up to a maximum of 185F.

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Gaoyuan has been in manufacturing road repair and maintenance equipment since 2004, and is a reliable chip seal distributor manufacturer and supplier. This chip seal truck HGY5318TFC is designed for spreading aggregate chips and spraying liquid asphalt to form pavement evenly, it is equipped two diesel burners to heat asphalt at a high speed.

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Chip seals are placed by first spraying the pavement with a binder, often an asphalt emulsion, from an oil distributor truck. Then a uniform application of cover aggregate (chips or screenings) is immediately applied, usually by a self-propelled chip spreader.

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LMT5311TFC Chip Sealing Distributors and Equipment Synchronous Chip Sealing Distributors and Equipment is developed by Metong in accordance to international …

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Western Chipseal and Paving is a family owned and operated business. We are experts at chipseal driveways and paving in Colorado, Wyoming and Eastern Kansas

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Our tailgate mounted chip spreaders deliver stone aggregate from the dump truck to the adjustable feed-gate, for full application rate control. 518-218-7676

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Hydrostatic drive for infinitely variable working speeds to four-wheel drive operation to spread aggregates for chip sealing effectively & efficiently.

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Chip Spreaders Bearcat Manufactures Asphalt Distributors and Custom Asphalt and Aggregate Computerized Metering Systems.

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Chip Seal Fact Sheet “Chip Sealing” is a common pavement maintenance practice that extends pavement life and provides a good driving surface. ... Next, an asphalt distributor truck starts by spraying each lane with hot liquid asphalt to assure an even application.

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Bearcat Manufactures Asphalt Distributors and Custom Asphalt and Aggregate Computerized Metering Systems.

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E.D. Etnyre & Co. proudly manufactures a wide range of equipment that serves the asphalt roadbuilding industry, from asphalt distributors to chipspreaders and storage tanks to trailers. Since 1898, we’ve …

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Chip Sealing Distributors and Equipment technology suitable to the construction and maintenance of the all grade roads. It’s using computer controlling system for setting the sprayer value to ensure the quality of the materials onto the road construction.

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1 INTRODUCTION Pavement preventive maintenance is a tool that has the potential to both improve quality and reduce expenditures for our pavement system.

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Gaoyuan is China asphalt distributor manufacturer. Our primary products include asphalt distributor, synchronous chip sealer, micro surfacing paver. Our products like asphalt distributor and asphalt plant are high quality and CE, CCC certified. We offer product installation, maintenance, repair and operator training services. We utilize high precision equipment, and strictly implement ISO9001 ...

Fog Seal Treatment Types

Fog seals are applied by a distributor truck. The distributor truck slightly heats the asphalt emulsion before spraying it onto the pavement. Once applied the surface has the appearance similar to the pavement having been spray painted black.

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Is the project a good candidate for a chip seal? How much rutting is present? How much and what type of cracking exists? Is crack sealing needed?

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Riversides Asphalt Services Inc. is a Boston Massachusetts based business that services most of New England with it’s liquid asphalt and asphalt emulsion supply and application services.

Section 505 CHIP SEALS -

505.03 8. Longitudinal Construction Joints. a. Longitudinal Construction Joints in Single Chip Seal. Where corrugations are not present, construct longitudinal construction

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The R-1 is a tow behind aggregate spreader that is ideal for tar and chip operations on roadways. The R-1 distributes aggregate to precise depths with clean cut edges. It features an open type spiral agitator to convey material to outer ends of hopper.

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Chip seals are the most common surface treatment for low-volume roads. A chip seal is an applicationof asphalt followed by an aggregate cover. The asphalt is usually applied as a hot asphalt cement, cutback asphalt, or emulsified asphalt.


1 division 100 general provisions section 107 legal relations and responsibility to public 107.21-protection of rivers, streams, and impoundments:

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Etnyre Equipment For Sale: 32 Equipment - Find Etnyre Equipment on Equipment Trader.

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Asphalt Distributor Trailers. Heated asphalt distributor Trailers. Tack Sprayers. Tack distributors.

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The proper equipment is essential to a quality chip seal surface treatment. This includes a Distributor Truck or Spray Pot for small jobs, chip spreader, and rubber tire or pneumatic roller. Adhering to these guidelines will help to prevent the most common chip seal failures.

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Surface Treatment is also known as Chip Seal and is defined as an asphalt-aggregate application. Generally, the depth of the application is less than one inch and may be ... Single seal treatment is an application of approximately 0.30 gallons per square yard (gal/yd²) of asphalt emulsion, followed by approximately 15 to 20 pounds per square ...

Alternatives to Seal Coats

Chip seal is a type of seal coat and is the most common approach. A chip seal is an application of asphalt binder on existing pavement surface, followed by a placement of a layer of aggregate chips, and finally rolled to embed


13. Type of Report and Period Covered Final Report : 14. Sponsoring Agency Code 15. Supplementary Notes 16. Abstract Chip seals or seal coats, are a pavement preservation method constructed using a layer of asphalt binder

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Asphalt chip seal is a highly efficient, cost-effective method of maintaining and rejuvenating roads. It offers better flexibility and skid resistance than hot mix asphalt (HMA), and when roads are sealed regularly, very little additional maintenance is required.

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China asphalt distributor tank chip seal spreader for sale. Product Description . What is synchronous chip sealer? Synchronous chip sealer (also chip seal, chipseal) is a pavement surface treatment that combines two layers of asphalt (one of emulsion asphalt and the other of modified asphalt), one layer of fiber with one layer of fine aggregate ...

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Type: Sealing Machine Object: Asphalt Concrete Pavement Moving Type: Mobile Mixing Method: Intermittent Compulsory Automatic Grade: Automatic Product Capacity: 40~400t/h

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About TongDa. Xinxiang TongDa Road New Technology Co., Ltd. is a highly innovative science and technology enterprises engaged in making highway maintenance materials, road maintenance mechanical equipment and researching maintenance of new technology.

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In a single chip seal, an asphalt emulsion is sprayed on the pavement with a distributor, then immediately covered by a single layer of uniformly sized chips from a chip spreader. A double chip seal repeats the procedure using lower emulsion and aggregate application rates.

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Please use the search to the left to find a distributor near you.

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Asphalt Distributors : Heat & spray asphalt emulsions, cutbacks, rejuvenators and more. Ideal for use in chip and tar road repair when combined with the SealMaster® chip spreader. SealMaster® also carries a full line of ancillary sealcoating, crack filling and line marking equipment.

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Crafco is the world’s largest producer of specialized pavement preservation equipment. The E-Z Series II line is a high-performance melter that is designed, built, …

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Petraviam was designed to conquer mud, dust and erosion, becoming naturally rock hard to hold up to industrial traffic. Less expensive than , safer and more durable than asphalt.

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The Companies Missouri Petroleum Products is a St. Louis-based company with over 85 years of experience in road construction and material production.




13. Type of Report and Period Covered Final Report : 14. Sponsoring Agency Code 15. Supplementary Notes 16. Abstract Chip seals or seal coats, are a pavement preservation method constructed using a layer of asphalt binder

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Asphalt applications are done with a calibrated/computerized etnyre distributor to ensure an accurate rate of application of asphalt material. This type of roadway treatment has a wide variety of regional descriptive terms “oil and chip”, “tar and chip”, “seal coat”, or “oil and chat.”


Page 4 9/2/2016 edge of the paper is placed within 1/2 inch (13 mm) of the cut off line of the previously laid treatment. The paper shall be removed and disposed of in an approved manner.

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Asphalt Distributor Trucks For Sale: 23 Asphalt Distributor Trucks - Find Asphalt Distributor Trucks on Equipment Trader.

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A fog seal is a light application of a slow-setting asphalt emulsion diluted with water and applied by a distributor. Fog seals cover small cracks and surface voids, reduce raveling, and enrich dry pavements. A fog seal is an inexpensive way to rejuvenate and seal pavement surfaces.

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Chip Seal is a comparatively low cost method of maintaining an asphalt surface indefinitely that can make use of local materials, and be performed by contract or by using local maintenance personnel.

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We offer the best Eco-friendly sealcoat in the industry. Pitch Black is a custom rubberized asphalt emulsion blended with select minerals, polymers, and chemicals to produce the finest product.


seals the surface of your pavement, repelling water. Water is the primary cause of pavement distress. Seal coats also can add skid resistance to worn pavement. Pavement surface integrity can be ... All equipment, distributors, chippers and rollers must be calibrated annually …

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Asphalt Fabrics & Specialties 7710 Bond St. Solon Oh 44139 office: 440.786.1077 email: info@asphaltfbrics

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Jul 17, 2017 · Tar and chip paving combines asphalt and stone to create a textured, hard surface. The end result is a driveway that provides more texture than plain asphalt and better traction in slick conditions. Although tar and chip driveways are typically installed by professionals, do-it-yourself enthusiasts equipped with the proper equipment and ...

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Working Smart for You!. Since 1947 New England Asphalt Services has been providing liquid asphalt services for maintenance and construction of roadways, driveways and parking lots. We offer the highest quality services and products along with cost effective pricing. Technology. Specializing in unique Chip Sealing to get a beautiful finish that holds up. We use the latest Tack Coating, MPV ...

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A fog seal is applied by a specialized truck known as a “distributor”. The product distribution is applied with computerized rate controls making a fog seal a very economical solution in the right situation. Fog seals can be utilized in several different applications. The most common application is airport projects.

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Riverside Asphalt Services owns and operates the largest fleet of distributer trucks in Eastern Massachusetts and in fact is one of the largest in New England.

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The Asphalt Materials section of the Office of Materials Management conducts testing and personnel approvals in support of ODOT Districts project contract administration, contractor and supplier approvals, material investigations, as well as implementation of new specifications and technology.


U.S. OIL & REFINING CO. TACOMA, WASHINGTON EMULSIFIED ASPHALT, CRS-2P Description: CRS-2P is a cationic rapid setting type emulsified asphalt which has been modified by the

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What is Pavement Preservation? Pavement Preservation is a cost-effective way to maintain our roads. This program is designed to take direction through funding allocation from Pinal County and the Board of …

Seal Coat and Surface Treatment Manual: General Principles

TxDOT specification Item 316, Seal Coat, defines an application of asphalt material covered with a single layer of aggregate as a surface treatment. For purposes of this manual, an application of asphalt material covered with a single layer of aggregate when applied to a prepared compacted base is a surface treatment; whereas, a seal coat is ...

Section 424 Bituminous Surface Treatment

Section 424—Bituminous Surface Treatment Page 4 Zone Asphalt Cement Emulsified Asphalt 1 May 1–September 15 April 10–September 15 2 April 15–October 5 April 1–October 5


A seal coat is the application of bituminous material, followed immediately by an application of a single layer of aggregates. Fog seal the completed seal coat.