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Jan 10, 2019 · BEJS-On-A-Reel is a cost-effective version of EMSEAL’s field-proven BEJS product shipped on reels for rapid installation into control & expansion joints

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Dec 07, 2018 · B ridge E xpansion J oint S ystem, BEJS is a traffic-durable bridge and roadway expansion joint which provides a primary watertight seal. It is designed to handle harsh environmental conditions and features greater movement capability, better low temperature flexibility and higher temperature stability than other technologies.

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The Silicoflex Joint Sealing System is an innovative highway and bridge expansion joint system that is cost effective, easy to install and offers a long, effective sealing life. RJW Finger Joints for are cantilevered or simply supported steel tooth bridge expansion joints.

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Delastic-LS® Pourable Bridge Seal is a two-component, self-leveling, fast curing, urethane sealant for use in engineered joints. Typical applications include: control joint and expansion joint systems for bridges…

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CEVA® Joint Systems are used as expansion joints in bridge construction and in architectural applications. They offer design flexibility and cost savings as compared to other types of expansion joints. CEVA Joint Systems utilize closed-cell foam materials.

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The Silicoflex Joint Sealing System was developed as a direct response to bridge owners asking for a higher quality, longer lasting, more universal joint sealing system The Silicoflex System consists of an inverted ‘V’ shaped, preformed, extruded silicone rubber seal, with a single component silicone locking adhesive and a primer.

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Notes: Do not install compression seal at the maximum joint width opening if the joint is expected to open any further than this amount over time. To prevent installation difficulties, do not attempt to install compression seal in joint widths that are less than 50% of the nominal compression seal …

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1. Determines the MR (Movement Rating) of all bridge expansion joints and prepares the Joint Movements Calculations sheets. 2. Consults with the Joint Seals and Bearings Technical Specialist for special designs on large MR sealed joints during the early design stage.

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We are your strongest partner for expansion joint systems and responsible solutions. For 70 years, WBA has proudly led the industry in the manufacture and design of expansion joint systems to meet the unique demands of projects across the globe.

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Bridge Expansion Joint Guide April 2019 . DESIGN Pourable Sealants (DMS-6310) – Class 1—two-component polyurethane, rapid curing, self-leveling (none approved) – Class 2—two-component synthetic polymer, self -leveling – Class 3—hot-poured rubber (asphalt joint seal -low movement) – Class 4—low-modulus silicone, nonsag

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Bridge Joints. Bridge Joints are gaps between segments of a bridge allowing for thermal movement. Bridge temperatures change more rapidly than road temperatures, and the two pavement surfaces expand and contract at different rates.

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Expansion joints are a critical link to the sustainability of a bridge structure. Effects of improper system selection will severely weaken the integrity of a bridge. WBA continues to enhance and improve the …

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Chapter 9 Bearings and Expansion Joints Page 9-2 WSDOT Bridge Design Manual M 23-50.19 July 2019 Obviously, bridges cannot be built incrementally longer without eventually requiring

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®Crete SiliconeSeal system is a high performance expansion joint system uti-lizing a dynamic two-part sealant between impact absorbing elastomeric headers. The flexible header of Wabo®Crete II coupled with Wabo®SiliconeSeal make it an ideal expansion joint system for the new construction or repair of existing joints.

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2) The expansion joint seals must be properly sized for the joint gap opening. Installation: The ORF Compression Seal Expansion Joint System is installed by first applying a thin layer of lubricant cum adhesive to the side walls of the expansion joint gap. Then, the seal is …

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Asphaltic Plug Joint is an effective solution to small expansion or fixed bridge expansion joints. It can be easily and fast construction. Rubber Bridge Expansion Joints


use of asphaltic plug joints requires Staff Bridge approval. Silicone Seals Silicone seals are flexible, poured sealants designed to provide a watertight expansion joint seal in both new and rehabilitation projects. Silicone sealants allow good elastic performance over a …

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EMSEAL is a leading innovator and manufacturer of premium sealants and expansion joint systems for the commercial construction industry and many specialty market applications.


The strip seal expansion joint is NDOT’s preferred deck expansion joint system for new bridges with estimated total design thermal movements ranging from 1 in to 5 in.

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Asphaltic Plug Joint is an effective solution to small expansion or fixed bridge expansion joints. It can be easily and fast construction.

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Apr 14, 2011 · 29 Question 3: What specifications do you use for construction of new decks or rehabilitation of aged decks to ensure good joint performance? • Substrate preparation applied to repairs, climatic factors were usually

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COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS. D.S. Brown has the most comprehensive product-line serving the transportation industry. We manufacture solutions for the most challenging infrastructure applications.

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DOSHIN COMBO JOINT system is an upgraded, modification and combination version from the common characteristic of anchorage elastomeric joint and rubber seal joint system. DOSHIN COMBO JOINT system is composed of 4 main components:

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1.1 Introduction Expansion joints are used in bridges to allow movements like expansion and contraction between the bridge deck spans and ab...

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Polytite N is our premium bridge expansion joint sealer. It is pre compressed for easier handling. It is a high-density open micro cell polyurethane foam impregnated with a hydrophobic polymer sealing …

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The rugged design of the Strip Seal Expansion Joint can easily accommodate the high loads of vehicular traffic while effectively sealing expansion joints in bridges and structures with movements. Machined Steel shapes maximize seal installability and minimize manufacturing tolerance associated with overall Steel shape manufacture.

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Sealing of bridge expansion joint system s is important to protect the structural components below the joint from damage due to water, salt, and other roadway debris. A new elastomeric foam-type...

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On 2 sides of the joint at. 2 ends of the bridge has a. Volume of 6.7 cft. If the joint is chipped out an average of 2.5” x 4.5”, the volume would be 9.4 cft. If you add 0.5 cft for waste and 0.5 cft loss in the drum and mixing, you might need 10.4 cft. Source: Watson Bowman Acme

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Doshin rubber bridge expansion joints comprise steel angles and steel bridging plate system encased in a flexible elastomer. Bridge expansion joint is capable of sustaining loads and movements up to 330 mm without damaging the surface or supporting structure during its working life.

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Bridge Expansion Joints - BD33/94 ES Joint Seal (Type 4) Originally designed for immersed tunnels as a secondary seal, is a robust, flexible, reinforced omega shaped rubber seal.

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Expect us to serve you with high endurance bridge expansion joints moreover, we are also specified in bridge expansion joints repair

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Bridge Expansion Joints. Select a header joint material that meets the requirements of DMS-6140: Select a class 7 joint sealant or one specified on the plans that meet the requirements of DMS-6310: Insure joint sealers are compatible with header materials.

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Sika® Loadflex-524 EZ. Two Component, Semi Rigid, Polyurea Control Joint Filler

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Sikaflex 29 fl. oz. Self-Leveling Sealant is a single component, self-leveling, premium-grade polyurethane sealant with an accelerated curing capacity used to seal gaps, joints and cracks. No tooling feature saves time and money. 29 oz. size is ideal for larger projects.

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Bridge expansion joint lube adhesive for installation of D.S. Brown’s bridge compression seals, strip seal and modular joint glands. 1521-Adhesive (Aron Alpha 202F)

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Thermal Movements. BS 5400 Part 2 Chapter 5.4 specifies maximum and minimum effective bridge temperatures which have to be accommodated in the bridge structure.

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MODULAR STRIPE SEAL EXPANSION JOINT Modular Strip Seal Expansion joint is used for large movement from 0 to 2000mm. In addition to edge profiles, it has a series of supported intermediate beams and sseaks in a modular way to accommodate the movement of the joints. Each seal have a capacity to accommodate movement upto 80mm.

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Transflex® Trelleborg Bridge Expansion Joints, supplying and installing expansion joints worldwide

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1.7.2 Modular bridge expansion joint . Modular expansion joint is used when the joint movement exceeds 100mm.The modular expansion joint has many advantages including: water-tightness, corrosion protection, great potential as they increase the life of and steel bridges (Crocetti & Edlund 2003), greater movements in translation and rotation.

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Dahir and Mellott FIGURE 7 A typical neoprene compression seal dam. FIGURE 8 A finger dam with horizontal and vertical finger misalignment. The most common problems are

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Silicone bridge joint sealing is done to prevent dirt, debris, and chlorides from deteriorating the deck and supporting bridge members. The work is done late April thru early June and mid September thru early November, weather permitting with temperatures between 55° F to 80° F. No significant precipitation within 36 hours prior to installation.

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The annual mean temperature for Wisconsin is 45 °F. For the setting of strip seal expansion devices, see Standard for Strip Seal Expansion Joint Details for the joint opening whenthe expansion length is less than or equal to 230 feet. When the expansion length is greater than

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Expansion joints accommodate the expansion and contraction of bridges due to temperature variations. The following general criteria apply to all expansion joints in bridges: Minimize Number When conditions permit, the bridge engineer should eliminate expansion joints and tie the approach slab into the superstructure . Where expansion joints are

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The Bridge Joint Association members are the leading specialist UK manufacturers and installers of bridge expansion joints whose principal aim is to raise standards within the industry.


expansion joints at integral abutments, the office has developed CF joints filled with tire buffings. The joints are shown on Design Bureau plans [DB SRP RK-20(1) and PV-101] that are included with bridge plans. The tire buffings replace foam plastic blocks that were difficult to maintain.



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Structural Expansion Joints 2/16/2017 8 Preformed Silicone INDOT Preferred Installation Resting on Ledge Expansion Lengths ≤ ±400’ Installation Width: 0.5” Min. to 5” Max. Provide in Plans: Expansion Length Existing Max.& Min. Joint Opening* Note: “Minimum Installation Depth Per …

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Bridge Deck Joint Sealant is a superior single component elastomeric sealant designed for protection against water, salts, chemicals, and other corrosive effects on bridge and elevated deck structures.

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DECK-O-SEAL 150 is a self-leveling, polysulfide-based sealing compound. It is a non-staining sealant which cures to a firm, flexible, tear-resistant rubber.

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This solvent-free material is a cost-effective and high performance alternative to conventional mastics and sealants, providing joints with up to 25% flexibility and outstanding weather and chemical resistance.