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MULTIFLEX EXPANSION JOINT The MULTIFLEX joints are fl exible bridge expansion joints in which the thrust caused by the structure is taken up by the deformation of the elastomer parts. MULTIFLEX joints are made of molded elas-tomer elements, vulcanized and bonded to metal inserts designed to take up the running loads and distribute attaching forces.

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The mesh keeps the insulation in place and allows up to 50% lateral shear, a unique feature in the industry. Multiflex® is supplied in standard 10’ lengths. Joint sizes range from 5” – 20”. *This model is not available for purchase in the US.

Flex-Weld - 30MC Multi-Purpose Exhaust Expansion Joint

The 10MC is an expansion joint rated to accept the high stress demands of frequent engine start/stop and/or high vibration applications. 30 MC Features: Fixed by Floating Flange

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Expansion Joints. Expansion Joints are used as a mechanism to prevent expansion from thermal and vibration energy. Proco Products, Inc.’s specially designed movement expansion joints have the …

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Multi-Layer Expansion Joints The design of multi-layer expansion joints consists of four groups of materials. By combining different materials and considering their thermal, chemical, mechanical resistance, in addition to their fatigue properties, we can construct an expansion joint that provides the best solution in both technical and economical respects.

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The minimum pressure rating on Triad exhaust expansion joints is 5 PSIG @ 1000ºF making them the perfect solution for blower, fan, and other low pressure piping applications. Triad Bellows supplies Single-ply and Multi-ply exhaust expansion joints …

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FLEX-TEND ® DWV Flexible Expansion Joints Flexible Expansion Joint for use in drain, waste and vent (DWV) non-pressurized piping. Designed to give Deflection and or Expansion/Contraction needs to protect gravity drain pipeline systems from shear caused by gradual soil subsidence or seismic events.

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Spool Type Expansion Joint Flex-Hose's spool type expansion joints are used to compensate for movement, absorb vibration, and reduce noise in piping systems. ...more: FlexComp * These FlexComp expansion compensators are designed to absorb thermal …

Flexicraft Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

Flexicraft provides a full range of metal bellows expansion joints designed for engine exhaust, including blowers, fans, diesel engine generators, marine exhaust, train locomotive, earthmoving equipment, and many other hot low pressure applications. Metal bellows duct expansion joints are used in low pressure,...

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Metraflex Manufactures Engineered Piping Components to Reduce Noise and Vibration. Expansion Joints. Seismic Joints. Pump Connectors. Valves and More.

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Hand-crafted rubber expansion joints available in single- and multiple-arch designs are custom-built to fit your application requirements. Options include PTFE-lined, concentric reducing, eccentric reducing, …

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MM Systems is a world leader in expansion joint technology. For architectural interior floor, roof and walls and exterior waterproof parking structures and decks, our expansion joints …

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High flexibility in a shot building length. Rectangular multi-ply expansion joint Using a worldwide unique production method, kompaflex ag produces rectangular multi-ply expansion joints, that allow great movement on a very short structural length.

Fabric Expansion Joints for Ducting & Flue Duct Systems

Composite flexible element material for fabric duct expansion joints are have a multi-layered design with insulating layers, reinforcing plies, and vapor barriers with either fluoropolymer or elastomeric covers. Movements for a given face-to-face width are less than other materials. Rated for 400F thru 1200F.

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Keflex™ Multi-Ply Expansion Joints have a softer spring rate compared to other expansion joints with the same dimensions, making them easier to install, and in service require less force to actuate.

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Elongation occurs when the two segments of pipe are being pulled apart by thermal expansion in the system. The Polymer based expansion joint is designed to absorb this tensile stress thus protecting the metal components of the system from undue stresses.

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Activity:Fixed Bearing,Material:Rubber with Steel Plates,Usage:Beam Bridge, Highway Bridge, Railroad Bridge,Certification:ISO/Ce/SGS,Feature:Best Sealing and ...

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Material. Usually the expansion joint is a multi-layer design. The different layers consist of: Temperature and corrosion resistant insulating fabrics for temperature decrease;

FLUID HANDLING Unaflex Expansion Joints

Dual expansion joints are used where axial movement is larger than can be absorbed by a single expansion joint. The dual assembly consists of two single bellows connected by …

Multi-ply Metal Bellows Specifications - Expansion Joint

The Multi-ply metal bellows used in our standard expansion joints are made in 3 standard lengths, 6” live length, 9” live length and 12” live length. Review the performance data and choose the bellows length that is best suited for your exhaust or ducting system.

Steelflex® Modular Expansion Joint Systems | D.S. Brown

D.S. Brown Steelflex ® Modular Expansion Joint Systems have gained overwhelming worldwide acceptance for accommodating and sealing large joint movements on bridge structures. By incorporating the results of recent research activities, each joint system is designed to provide watertight, fatigue resistant, long-term, maintenance-free performance.

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The C/S Multiflex® fire barrier is blanket type barrier designed for 1”-12” nominal floor and wall expansion joints. Multi - flex® has been tested and proven to provide up to 2-hour fire endurance rating, minimize smoke passage and accom - modate dynamic movement without degradation of the material.

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The M-clean system is a modular cleaning system for fabrics, belts, and rolls in process industries. Learn More

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Specially-engineered products inserted in a rigid piping system to absorb movement.

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U.S. Bellows, Inc. manufactures superior performance metallic expansion joints including gimbal, hinged, single, refractory lined and more.

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Expandex is a flexible asphaltic plug joint system designed to accommodate minimum structure movement while providing a smooth transition between the ap- proach pavement and the bridge deck.

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Lanfan (officially Hebei Lanfan trading Co..) is a company of established in 2008,it's located in Industrial area--Shijiazhuang,Hebei Pronvince.We have more than 8 years experience in exportation business,we have cooperated with many professional factories for hardware and metal product etc. Hebei Lanfan principle is "Honesty,Efficiency,Customer First,Win-Win Cooperation".

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Molded spherical bellows design for general service applications.

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Keflex HVAC Products. Control Products is a proud distributor Keflex HVAC Products, including Metal Bellows Expansion Joints & Flexible Connectors

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These expansion joints have a double-bulb design for extra movement and vibration absorption. Clamp-On Expansion Joints Slip these joints over your pipe ends and tighten the band clamps for a secure hold.

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Posiflex expansion joints provide relief for piping system stress caused by thermal and mechanical vibration and/or movement, and can also be utilised to overcome problems of noise. These flexible …

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Browse Victaulic pipe expansion joints product listings (flexible, moving, strengthening, etc). Find expansion joints for piping systems in a variety of sizes & materials

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Metal bellows expansion joints offer a cost effective alternative to other expansion devices while optimizing the productive life of a piping system.

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Two-piece expansion control joint #40 Expansion Joint is a two-piece, slip joint that finishes butt ends of adjacent panels in wide or tall walls and ceilings to allow for multi-directional movement.

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Industrial Expansion Joints. Flexible Specialty Products is a custom manufacturer and supplier of industrial fabric expansion joints, metal bellows, metal hose, and other specialty flexible connectors for ductwork and piping.

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FIBER EXPANSION JOINT. FIBERFLEX® Fiber Expansion Joint Filler fits the bill for virtually any commercial or residential application. From airport runways to interstate highways, from parking garages to driveways, FIBERFLEX prevents damage to caused by expansion. FIBERFLEX is proprietary wood fiber blend of treated wood fibers...

Nomaflex - Concrete Expansion Joint Filler Solution

Nomaflex® is an expansion joint filler product used in residential, commercial, civil, municipal and industrial applications. Named as one of the 2017 Most Innovative Products at World of Concrete, …

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FIBRE EXPANSION JOINT is composed of cellular fibers securely bonded together and uniformly saturated with asphalt to assure longevity. FIBRE EXPANSION JOINT is versatile, resilient, flexible, and non-extruding. When compressed to half of its original thickness, it will recover to a minimum of 70% of its original thickness.

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Building expansion joints, covers and precompressed construction sealants. Fire rated, waterproof, stadium, parking, plaza deck, roof, bridge and seismic

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Expansion Joints Joint Sealants Liquid Applied Roofing Plaster & Stucco Wall Coating Systems

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Control Products Inc. of Saint Louis is a stocking distributor of Keflex HVAC Products, including Metal Bellows Expansion Joints & Flexible Connectors. We inventory HVAC products, supply boiler parts and materials to Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and Kansas.

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Flexible fabric-reinforced rubber gutter moisture collection and secondary water control back-up system. Colorable rubber multi-web expansion joint seal profile accommodates expansion and compression. Epoxy bonded closed-cell expanded rubber seal for varying and irregular expansion joint widths.

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Wabo®ConvexCover (CCF, CCS) is a durable and reliable interior floor expansion joint system capable of accomodating multi-directional thermal movement and vertical slab… Read More Product Line

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Eliminating costly offsets normally used to accommodate expansion and contraction, this coupling is an ideal solution for vertical pipe installations. Features Unique one-piece construction

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Rubber expansion joints from Proco help piping systems to absorb pipe movements, relieve stress, reduce system noise and compensate for misalignment.

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Expansion joint designs include single and multi-ply bellows type, tied universal, multi-ply exhaust bellows, and externally pressurized.

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Flexible Specialty Products manufacturers fabric expansion joints using a variety of gas barrier materials, as well as layered composite refractory materials. Our outer gas barrier is a PTFE based fabric material that is often reinforced with a PTFE coated fiberglass cloth. Our Multi-Flex materials is our most versatile and economical material.

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FIBRE EXPANSION JOINT is composed of cellular fibers securely bonded together and uniformly saturated with asphalt to assure longevity. Wherever a cost-effective joint filler is required, FIBRE EXPANSION JOINT meets the need.

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BURGFLEX is the country’s leading Expansion joint Manufacturer Since 1990. BURGFLEX is a full-service Engineering and Manufacturing Company dedicated to providing flexible solutions. Our capabilities include:

GJQ(X)-SF Double-ball Flexible Rubber Joint

GJQ(X) series flexible rubber joint is a kind of flexible connection, mainly used to deliver liquid, gas, solid, etc. It adopts sphere body structure to compensate displacement, insulate vibration and reduce noise, which is a new rubber damping product.

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L. A. King is a great resource for our company. I’ve dealt with many suppliers over the years – in the office and field – and L. A. King is one of the tops in the industry.

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Test & Quality Inspection Low cycle fatigue test rig. High cycle fatigue test rig. Raw materials, semi-finished products and complete expansion joint constructions undergo both general

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Heat exchanger expansion joint DN 717. High-pressure expansion joint for a heat exchanger for the chemical industry. DN 717 with a multi-ply expansion joint, made from Inconel 625 LCF.

Metal and Rubber Expansion Joints - United Flexible

Our stainless steel expansion joints are used across industries that deal with safety, health, environment, durability, and lifetime. Explore our broad package of expansion joints that absorb vibration; correct misalignment; expand for thermal, chemical, and pressure changes; and adapt to …

Accommodating Expansion of Brickwork

joints in buildings that may be needed include control joints, building expansion joints and construction joints. Each of these is designed to perform a specific task, …

Force Balanced FLEX-TEND

Force Balanced FLEX-TENDS Flexible expansion joints have been used for many years with great success. They protect pipelines while crossing shear plains such as seismic faults or

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Thorburn Flex Inc is a Proven Leader in the Manufacture of High Quality Expansion Joints, Flexible Piping and Connector Systems.