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Slurry seal is about one stone thick, just under ¼ of an inch or smaller, while micro surfacing is usually applied at multiple-stone thickness. Although slurry sealing can contain polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, micro surfacing always contains polymer-modified asphalt emulsion. When to Micro Surface or Slurry Seal

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Macropaver is known for its flexibility, rugged & reliable, high production, low-cost performance, 60 years in pavement & road maintenance industry

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Slurry Seal / Micro-surfacing Paver, HGY5254TFC HGY5254TFC paver is an ideal choice for road micro-surfacing and rehabilitation projects. It applies asphalt emulsion, aggregate and additives to asphalt road for maintenance purposes.

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Microsurfacing is commonly mixed in, and applied using, a purposely built truck, generally referred to as a “slurry truck.” If the roadway segments to be microsurfaced are long and don’t contain sharp curves, a “continuous machine” is sometimes used.

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Slurry seal is a versatile & low-cost surface treatment system used for preventing issues in newly laid pavements, correcting problems in the older pavement and improving the aesthetics of pavements.

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Although it may take up to four hours or longer for a slurry seal to cure enough to open for traffic, micro surfacing is designed to allow straight rolling traffic within one hour of paving. In addition to a faster curing time, the added durability that a polymer-modified emulsion offers makes micro surfacing an attractive option for busier roads.

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Micro surfacing is a pavement preservation method employing cold mix slurry made on the job site by mixing aggregate, mineral filler such as portland cement, water, and a polymer-modified asphalt ...

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The placement of this mixture on existing pavement is the “seal” as it is intended to seal the pavement surface. Slurry seals are generally used on residential streets. Why? Slurry seal is applied in order to help preserve and protect the underlying pavement structure and provide a new driving surface.


Micro-Surfacing (Latex-modified Emulsion Treatment) – A mixture of cationic polymer modified asphalt emulsion, crushed aggregate, water and other additives, properly proportioned and spread …

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The Bergkamp M216 trailer-mounted, slurry seal and micro surfacing paver is ideal for large highway and road preventive maintenance jobs. The main difference between the M2 Series truck-mounted pavers and the M216 is the material capacity. The M216 is our largest self-contained slurry seal and micro surfacing paver.

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Slurry Seal / Micro-surfacing Paver, HGY5254TFC HGY5254TFC paver is an ideal choice for road micro-surfacing and rehabilitation projects. It applies asphalt emulsion, aggregate and additives to asphalt road for maintenance purposes.

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Apr 21, 2016 · The majority of slurry and all micro uses a polymer modified emulsion One of the uses of water in the mix is to help the mix flow in the box, particularly slurry. Good, potable water should be used, free of salts and debris. IT is a good idea to do the mix design with the job water source

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Micro surfacing with Natural Latex-Modified Asphalt Emulsion: A Field Evaluation c. M. "SWEDE" PEDERSON*, ... of a regular slurry seal machine. The test section that was ... The laydown machine is serviced by dump trucks that have been modified by the addition of two large tanks in their dump

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Bergkamp video (1:19 min.) shows how a mobile support unit feeds aggregate, emulsion and water to a slurry seal or micro-surfacing paver for fast production of continuous surface

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You may not realize it, but when it comes to asphalt maintenance, there is a difference between "slurry" and "sealcoating." While both slurry and sealcoating are preventative maintenance tasks that extend the life of your asphalt, there are key differences that you should be aware of. We'll outline those differences below: 1) What is the difference between a slurry and a

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This document is a brief technical summary on micro surfacing preservation treatments which is included in a larger report, State-of-the- Practice in Chip Seal, Slurry Seal , Micro Surfacing and Thin Lift

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This instructor's guide is designed for a 2-to-4 hour long workshop on design, construction, and performance of micro-surfacing. This workshop wi 11 be useful to FHWA, State, and local highway agency engineers who require know1 edge of micro-surfacing . Micro-surfacing consists of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, 100 percent

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Microsurfacing is a protective seal coat which extends the life of pavement. It is a thin, tough layer of asphalt emulsion blended with finely crushed stone for traction. This is a cost-effective method to renew the road surface and seal minor cracks and other irregularities.

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A cape seal is an application of a chip seal followed by a slurry seal. The term “cape” is derived from Cape Province of South Africa where this process was developed. A chip seal is applied to the road, then the excess aggregate is removed after the asphalt has cured.

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includes chip seals, slurry seals, micro-surfacing, fog seals, flush coats, parking area seals, and crack treatments. Chip seal is an application of bituminous material followed by a layer of aggregate

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Micro-Surfacing can be applied in a wide range of thicknesses, allowing it to treat a large variety of road surfaces. It is a cold mix type paving system leaving minimal impact on the environment.

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2018 is the final year for production with Tier 3 engine in the U.S. and Canada. Visit https://bergkampinc/news/2018-truck-mounted-paver-last-year to request ...

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Molinos para la mezcla de asfalto modificados con polímeros Diseñados para maximizar su productividad El molino para modificación de polímero de asfalto está diseñado basándose en 30 años de experiencia de DenimoTECH en la industria del asfalto. Los tres factores más críticos en el diseño de un molino de asfalto modificado con polímeros son: propiedades … Continued


81–85; $2.20/ton : 77–80; $4.40/ton : 75–76; $6.60/ton : If test results for polymer modified asphaltic emulsion aggregate grading and cleanness value test results

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M212 Extendedora sobre Camión El M212 es un diseño probado con posiciones de control convenientes y buena visibilidad del operador. Las unidades M212 son accionadas por un motor diesel Cummins de 99 caballos de fuerza situado en la parte delantera en un compartimiento cerrado del motor – reduciendo el ruido y la vibración para el … Continued

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MICRO-SURFACING Polymer-modified cold-mix paving system used for: Filling Wheel-Path Rutting Restoring and Enhancing Surface Friction Minor Correction in Ride-Quality / Roughness

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This document is a brief technical summary on slurry seal preservation treatments which is included in a larger report, State-of-the-Practice in Chip Seal, Slurry Seal, Micro Surfacing and Thin Lift Asphalt

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Micro-surfacing is a slurry seal that uses a polymer-modified emulsion binder, a high quality dense graded aggregate, mineral filler, water and other additives, properly proportioned, mixed and spread on a paved surface. The filler can be Portland cement, hydrated lime or other approved materials.

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TRB conducted a webinar on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM ET that described micro surfacing and slurry seals and discussed their use and construction. These pavement preservation techniques are widely used and suitable for higher trafficked roadways, but practitioners have encounters some problems. Presenters examined these problems and identified possible …

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      Micro-Surfacing includes polymer modified asphalt (key in flexibility), aggregate, mineral filler, additives and water. Micro’s effectively seal, level, rejuvenate, and …


Slide 1 Micro-Surfacing Micro-Surfacing is a polymer modified, asphalt emulsion based, dense graded, cold mixed, quick setting, asphalt resurfacing material.

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This document is a brief technical summary on slurry seal preservation treatments which is included in a larger report, State-of-the-Practice in Chip Seal, Slurry Seal, Micro Surfacing and Thin Lift Asphalt


Apr 23, 2010 · Rev: 23 April 2010 KWD 210B-1 SECTION 210 B - FLEXIBLE MICRO-SURFACING 1. GENERAL The work shall consist of the application of latex modified micro-surfacing material to an

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Microsurfacing is an advanced form of slurry seal that uses the same basic ingredients (emulsified asphalt, water, fine aggregate and mineral filler) and combines them with advanced polymer additives. …

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Like slurry seal, microsurfacing is a slurry mixture consisting of emulsified asphalt, water, fine aggregate, and mineral filler. Microsurfacing, however, typically uses a polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, which …

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Another change that brought greater demands to the pavement was the introduction of radial truck tires. Bias-ply tires typically had a pavement contact pressure of about 75 pounds per square inch (psi).

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STORING ASPHALT EMULSIONS • DO store as you would water –between 50ºF and 185ºF, depending on the intended use and specific product. • DO store at …

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Tri-State is an asphalt emulsion manufacturing company, proudly serving the Midwest. We specialize in asphalt emulsions, polymer modified binders, cold mix, asphalt emulsion seal …

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Zhejiang Metong Road Construction Machinery Company is a China-based company, specializing in manufacturing road construction equipment, road maintenance truck, …

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AIRPORT IN THE SKY Rebuilding a Piece of History By Rob Davis, Ph.D. and Gordon Rayner CPM first looked at the Santa Catalina Island “Airport-in-the-Sky,” in September of 1997. The Santa Catalina airport is owned and operated by the Santa Catalina Island Conservancy. Members of the Wrigley family established the Santa Catalina Island Conservancy in …