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Paving Stone Driveways. Cost Per Square Foot: $7 to $14, depending on material and other factors; Useful Lifespan: 30+ years, depending on climate and use; Maintenance: Low; DIY Potential: Low; Stone is the most expensive of the four driveway materials in this guide. It’s also arguably the most attractive.

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The cost of paving a new driveway is largely dependent on size, materials and labor and can fall anywhere between fifty cents a square foot and fifty dollars a square foot. When choosing driveway paving materials it is important to compare upfront prices to long-term costs.

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Cost to Build a Driveway Comparison The average cost to build a driveway ranges from $1,500 to $10,000 , depending on the materials. Higher totals usually relate to the price of supplies, and don’t necessarily mean it will last longer.

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A basic asphalt driveway costs about $2 to $6 per square foot, including installation. That provides you with a base and a top coat. The price goes up from there if you add features like a chip seal top coat, which extends the life of the driveway, or a decorative top coat that is stamped or colored.

Asphalt Driveway OverviewAsphalt is one of the most common materials for driveways. Also referred to as blacktop for its coloring, asphalt is made using a combination of st...How Much Does An Asphalt Driveway Cost?A basic asphalt driveway costs about $2 to $6 per square foot, including installation. That provides you with a base and a top coat. The price goes...Concrete Driveway OverviewConcrete is another popular material for driveways, particularly in the south. Cement is mixed with a variety of sand and gravel to create this str...How Much Does A Concrete Driveway Cost?Basic, construction-grade costs about $5 to $10 per square foot, including installation. Opting for fancier, decorative versions such as s...

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Concrete or Cement Driveways. Often used interchangeably, is a composite material held together with cement. Concrete is a mixture of crushed stone, sand and cement. Cement is a mixture of water, powdered rock and clay. Pros pour the cold mixture onto a prepared gravel surface and level it.

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Calculate the Cost of a Gravel Driveway How much does a gravel driveway cost? Well, if you’re on a budget a gravel driveway is the least expensive option you …

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Oct 28, 2019 · Asphalt is an inexpensive driveway option, but it needs regular sealing to avoid cracks.

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Why Is Asphalt Paving Such A Popular Choice as A Surface For Driveways?You are in the planning stages of having a new driveway installed. In pondering the different types of materials that contractors use, trying to de...How Do You Rate Cobblestones and Other Driveway Pavers as Driveway Materials?Cobblestones and other driveway pavers have their pros and cons. Let's start with the pros: 1. Variety in size and design. 2. A look that says, "Qu...You've Spoken of Concrete as A Driveway Material, So What Are "Cement" Driveways?This is a simple case of a misnomer -- one that is perpetuated in everyday lingo.Concrete is a mixture, composed of sand, aggregate and cement. Cem...What Does Driveway Maintenance Entail?Maintenance can involve, among other things: 1. Sealing (for and asphalt driveways). 2. Repair (to take care of cracks, depressions, etc)....You've Warned Us About Scams Involving Cheap Asphalt. Are There Legitimate Ways to Save Money?You now know that you should be wary of con artists selling "leftover" asphalt for a bargain (see above), but you may wonder, "Then how can I have...How Do You Clean A Concrete driveway?Concrete driveways look great when they're new. But stains such as those from oil, grease, rust, mildew and tire marks rob driveways of mu...Paved Driveways seem Like An Obvious Choice Over Unpaved Types. Do They Have Some Overlooked Disadvantage That I'm missing?The neighbors have a paved driveway on their property, on level land. Here the terminology "paved driveway" denotes one composed of a relatively im...

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Pavers 3/9. A paver driveway can be a big boost to curb appeal; an enormous array of design choices are readily available. Although it's more expensive than some other materials to install, a paver driveway carries relatively low long-term maintenance costs and can last 30 to 40 years.

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Curing time: Wait 1 day before using a new asphalt driveway installation. Cost: $3 to $5 per square foot. Maintenance: Asphalt may be swept, hosed down, or pressure washed to remove dirt. Seal to protect …

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Jan 05, 2020 · Concrete block driveway cost. A typical CBP driveway can cost between £45 – £70 per square meter. However, the cost of a block driveway will vary depending on the size, the quality of the materials, and the contractor’s individual prices.

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Thinking about installing a new driveway? Check out this overview of 4 popular driveway materials.

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How Much Does a Gravel Driveway Cost? If you’re wondering how much a gravel driveway costs, you’ll be happy to know that it is the most affordable material used to create a driveway.

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Brick Driveway Pavers or Concrete, Compare Benefits and Costs Wireless Driveway Alarms, An Easy Way Spot Intruders! Asphalt or Concrete, Which Driveway Is the Better Choice

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We were in the planning stages of our exterior remodeling project that included: New siding, windows, fencing, and a deck refacing. RemodelingExpense had pretty darn accurate cost calculators that helped us budget our projects, all relevant to our zipcode and contractors near me.I felt good Knowing exactly how much I should pay without getting ripped off.

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According to price site CostHelper, homeowners report an average price of $2.24 per square foot for a new asphalt driveway and $4.36 for a new driveway, but prices can fluctuate...

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Comparison Chart: Stamped Concrete Driveways versus Other Paved Driveways. Stamped is a popular finish for driveways that stands alone in terms of design and pattern versatility, longevity and performance, ability to be customized, and cost.

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Jul 15, 2016 · Use this handy guide outlining types of driveways to figure out what's the best style for your home, and how much it will cost.

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Concrete Driveway. Concrete is considered to be the most popular type for a number of reasons. …

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Installing a new driveway usually costs between $4,000 and $8,500. Learn what affects the price before planning your new driveway project.

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A stamped asphalt pattern, such as in the shape of bricks or stones, costs $3 to $9 per square foot, or $1,080 to $3,240 for a standard-size driveway. By comparison, the cost for a plain driveway runs $3 to $10 per square foot, according to Costhelper, or $1,080 to …

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Block Drives: Block paving is a popular modern choice for a driveway. There’s plenty of options with hundreds of colours, sizes and design patterns available.

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Curing. Both asphalt and must cure for a time before they can be used. The difference is the amount of time needed for curing. Because asphalt sets and hardens more quickly, it cures in a few days and can be driven on in three to five days.Due to the high moisture content in new , a freshly poured driveway must cure for seven days before it can withstand the weight of a vehicle.

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Jul 26, 2016 · It’s time. You just can’t take that ugly, cracked driveway any longer. You’ve looked enviously at driveways on your commute and there seem to be so many options that it makes you dizzy. Here in Los Angeles and the Southern California area there are several options for driveway paving materials. Understanding which material is best …

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Use this chart to easily compare outdoor paving material options. See the pros and cons for each paving material.

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According to Fixr in 2014, the typical cost to pave a driveway ranges between $800 to $1,500. These costs apply to driveways that are 600 square feet in...

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The average cost for a 2-car driveway paving and installation is $3,600 with most homeowners spending between $950 and $7,940. The price can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). The price can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code).

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Most gravel driveways are made of crushed stone or gravel which costs about $25-$30 per ton plus $100 or so for delivery per load (the average dump truck can handle 13 or so tons.) For a small, 15 ft. x 20 ft. by 3 inch deep driveway, 5 tons should be more than enough, at a total cost of around $250 .

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Asphalt driveway removal cost: $1.75-$2.50 per square foot; Concrete driveway removal cost: $6-$8 per square foot; New Driveway Excavation and Preparation Cost (Scenario 2) When a new driveway is being installed, the soil must be removed to a depth up to 10 inches to form a bed for the driveway.

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The average pea gravel driveway cost for materials is $28 to $45 per ton, $29 to $86 per cubic yard, or $1 to $3 per cubic foot depending on the quantity you order. Most pea gravel driveway mixtures have a blend of stones in about three or four colors.

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install a driveway Costs. For your project in zip code 98104 with these options, the driveway cost starts at $7.42-$8.97 per square foot. Your actual price will depend on job size, conditions, finish options you choose.

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Nov 20, 2019 · Your choices for driveway finishes are many, offering a variety of design choices and materials. Here are the five most common finishes.

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Use this chart to easily compare outdoor paving material options. See the pros and cons for each paving material.

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Concrete, on the other hand, can run between $4.00 to $6.00 per square foot for basic installation and can cost more depending on different finishes and detail. It’s not unheard of to have a stained driveway with a smooth finish cost over $15.00 per square foot. Regulations

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Aug 19, 2014 · Asphalt driveways typically cost $2 - $5 per sq foot to install - more than gravel, but much less than many other options. Long lifespan. With proper maintenance, an asphalt driveway will last anywhere from 12 – 35 years depending on installation, climate, usage and other factors.

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The right choice of paver for your driveway can make all the difference to your home exterior

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The condition of the existing road or driveway is an important factor when deciding how to resurface.

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Paving a typical two-car driveway of 16 feet wide and 38 feet long (610 sq. ft.) without curves or slopes costs $3,040. Therefore, the average cost per square foot amounts to $4.99, although it can be higher if excavation is needed.

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Average cost per square foot of aggregate driveways: Minimum = $6 Maximum = $18 The cost of an aggregate driveway can vary wildly depending on a number of different factors, how the driveway is poured and what materials are used.

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Popular driveway paving materials include , pavers, gravel and asphalt. Driveway Materials. Concrete Driveways Paver Driveways Gravel Driveways Asphalt Driveways. Pro Tip: Avoid porous materials, such as sandstone, that may soak up leaking fluids resulting in a stain. A big consideration when paving a driveway is the size.

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Here are five ways asphalt and driveways differ. 1. Cost. The cost of an asphalt driveway is typically cheaper than , costing $2.00 – $4.00 per square foot. Asphalt prices tend to fluctuate with fluctuations in crude oil prices. In contrast, a driveway costs between $4.00 – $6.00 per square foot for a standard installation.

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According to Fixr in 2014, the typical cost to pave a driveway ranges between $800 to $1,500. These costs apply to driveways that are 600 square feet in...

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If the short term, up front cost is a deciding factor, gravel driveways are an excellent, low cost option. The long term trade off, however, is more ongoing maintenance costs. If up front costs are not as …

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Although it is the cheapest of all the driveway materials, gravel is also the most time-intensive when it comes to maintenance. Regular care must be taken to keep weeds at bay and the surface level. Cars and weather can displace the gravel, causing ruts and bumps.

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Comparison table of stamped benefits and advantages versus other paving materials such as asphalt, natural stone, and precast pavers.

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Choosing the right driveway material can be a challenge - learn everything you need to know in this section.

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Interlocking Driveway Pavers Pricing. Costs for interlocking driveway pavers fall into several categories. The first category is the price of the actual interlocking pavers, or materials involved in the driveway project. An average paver costs between $1.23 and $1.50 per square foot.

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Dirk is a Project Manager at Braen Stone. He's an expert on a variety of construction materials and prides himself on helping the company meet the needs of companies large and small.

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Jan 01, 2020 · My final verdict for the best asphalt sealer is the Useal USA Hot Liquified Rubber Driveway Crack Sealer. This seal coating for driveways is the top driveway sealer on the market because it is a product that is very popular with commercial companies to maintain their parking lots and other commercial lands.

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The driveway can be an overlooked architectural element of a house, yet in many cases it is what people encounter first. A driveway looks best when there is a sense of unity between the style of the house and the surrounding landscape.

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Many detached houses have private driveways. In suburban and rural areas, nearly all do. Improving and maintaining these rights-of-way is a necessary but oft-overlooked cost …

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There are, as with anything, pros and cons to using gravel for your driveway surface. Becoming familiar with the good and bad will help you to determine if this is the surface for you. The Pros 1 - Affordability. Gravel is a whole lot cheaper than a , asphalt, or other paved surface. It can cost less than 1/2 of paved driveways.