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Cost to Install an Asphalt Driveway - 2020 Price Guide

The national average cost of an asphalt driveway is close to $4,500. The price can rise or fall depending on many factors including location, quality of material, …

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Paving an asphalt driveway costs $4,558 on average, with a typical range between $2,856 and $6,312. This project runs $7 to $13 per square foot , including $2 to $6 per square foot for materials and $5 to $7 per square foot for labor.

2020 Average Asphalt Driveway Cost (with Price Factors)

Jul 23, 2019 · The national average for installing an asphalt driveway costs about $3 to $5 per square foot. For a standard 10-foot by 20-foot driveway, big enough for a single car, that means you'll spend between $600 and $1,000.

Benefits of using asphaltFirst, an asphalt driveway is cheaper than a driveway. Prices for a driveway range from $5 to $7 per square foot. Asphalt also...How much does an asphalt driveway cost?A number of factors can affect how much your new asphalt driveway paving costs. Here's what to look at to get a better idea of what you may end up...Asphalt driveway maintenanceTo keep your asphalt driveway in tip-top shape, these are some things that should be done every few years: Sealing Sealing asphalt costs about $0.2...

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Asphalt cost per square foot: $2-$4. Asphalt cost per ton: $90-$150. Another important factor in determining the amount of material required is the thickness of the driveway. For residential driveways, 2 to 3 inches of asphalt is usually adequate. However, if you anticipate heavy traffic or large loads over your pavement, at least 3 inches of asphalt should be used.

Asphalt Driveway Paving CostAsphalt driveway costs heavily depend on the size of the driveway and the asphalt paving contractor you hire. Nonetheless, asphalt paving costs bet...Asphalt Paving Cost FactorsDriveway size and labor will largely determine your asphalt driveway price, but there are other cost factors that can certainly tip your asphalt dr...Cost of Asphalt vs. Concrete DrivewaysAsphalt driveways are more affordable to install than driveways. Asphalt driveway costs range between $3 and $5 per square foot, while con...Asphalt vs. Concrete DrivewaysConsidering they are the two most dominant driveway materials on the market, there are of course other differentiators beyond costs.Firstly, asphal...Asphalt Prices vs. Other Driveway Material CostsWhile asphalt and are the two most popular driveways, there are other materials on the market. If you’re open to other options, or would l...Asphalt Driveway Resurfacing CostReplacing is always more expensive than repairs or top layers. Fortunately, the same is true for asphalt driveways.As your asphalt paved driveways...Blacktop Driveway Maintenance CostJust like any home element, asphalt paving requires some maintenance. First and foremost, you have to seal your asphalt driveway if you want it to...Advantages of Asphalt DrivewaysWe’ve mentioned all costs related to asphalt paving, but fortunately, there are plenty of other benefits asphalt driveways bring: 1. Asphalt drivew...Disadvantages of Asphalt DrivewaysAsphalt paving may sound perfect, but believe it or not, there are a few drawbacks. Before you install an asphalt driveway, consider some of its sh...Find An Asphalt Driveway ContractorAsphalt driveways provide a look, feel and value that simply can’t match. If you’ve been debating a change to your driveway, now is the ti...

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Asphalt cost: $4.00 per square foot. This can vary depending on how thick it’s applied and the region in which you live. This can vary depending on how thick it’s applied and the region in which you live.

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For asphalt pavement. The amount of money per 100 square meters is about 33 $. Sectioning line when constructing a parking lot, etc., this is the work to be done when drawing a line on asphalt or the like. The amount of money under 100 square meters is about 370 $.

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In terms of bulk price, asphalt is priced by the ton. One ton of asphalt covers about 80 square feet with 2 inches of material or 160 square feet with 1 inch of material. Current wholesale pricing of bulk base-grade asphalt is $70-$80 per ton; top-layer grade is $75-$85 per ton. 2” asphalt base layer: $1.10-$1.40 per square foot

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Asphalt is a common driveway material because of its relatively low price compared to . It generally works better and is more popular in colder climates because it can crack with constant exposure to high temperatures. Typical costs: CostHelper readers report paying $2,300-$10,300...

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Asphalt 1 - asphaltic 3 is usually installed at a depth no less than 2". For this project, the asphalt 1 is at 2.5" and would cost roughly $830 installed. This tends to have a life span of 10 to 30 years and will need treatment every six to ten years to maintain its good looks and durability.

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Life-Cycle Costs Life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is one of the tools regularly used in evaluating pavement structures as part of the pavement-type selection process.

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According to our asphalt paving cost calculator, you should expect to pay between $2,800 and $6,500 for a complete replacement of your asphalt. Replacement is necessary when the existing surface is badly deteriorated or the underlying gravel base shows signs of failing.

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An asphalt driveway cost lies anywhere between $4,500-$5,500, with a cost per square foot of between $3 to $4. This covers the cost of installing a brand new asphalt driveway on your property. Installing or renovating an existing driveway is a great way of improving …

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Asphalt is one of the most popular options for paving driveways. It is fairly low-cost at $3 to $4 a square foot and lasts roughly 20 years. It can be resurfaced fairly easily, and maintenance and repairs tend to be fairly inexpensive when compared to other materials. However, it can soften in hot climates.

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After ripping up the driveway, laying 15″ of gravel then compacting ($17,330 for gravel costs) then they will lay 3-4″ mix ($3800) or 3-8″ mix ($5300) on top for added cost. I believe this is higher than usual.

How much does it cost to install asphalt driveway?

Average cost to install asphalt driveway is about $10,047 (2,900 sq.ft. asphalt drive). Find here detailed information about asphalt driveway costs.

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Asphalt Driveway Paving Cost. $3,720 | $80/sqyd or $8.90/sqft. Cost. Also known as blacktop, asphalt driveways are generally one of the least expensive options, thus making them the most commonly used driveway material choice. Most driveways have two layers of asphalt applied.

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A basic asphalt driveway costs about $2 to $6 per square foot, including installation. That provides you with a base and a top coat. The price goes up from there if you add features like a chip seal top coat, which extends the life of the driveway, or a decorative top coat that is stamped or colored.

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How much asphalt removal should cost. Average costs and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. Costs for do-it-yourself asphalt removal might range from zero to $100-$500 or more depending on local dump/recycling fees; how much equipment needs to be rented; the size of the area being removed and whether it's attached to something that must be …

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Jan 14, 2019 · What is the total cost you can expect to pay for an asphalt driveway? The cost of an asphalt project averages between $2,800 and $6,300, with homeowners, typically spending an average of $4,500 to install a driveway.

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A gravel driveway is the cheapest at $1.25 to $3 per square foot, an asphalt driveway costs $3 to $6 per square foot, and a driveway costs $5 and $10 per square foot. Cost of Gravel Driveway vs. Asphalt & Others

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Aug 09, 2018 · Asphalt resurfacing, however, is a simply a layer of asphalt, usually one to three inches thick, that is laid on top of the existing asphalt, creating a new appearance. “ Asphalt road ” ( CC BY-SA 2.0 ) by matsuyuki

2020 Average Asphalt Repair Cost (with Price Factors)

Mar 01, 2017 · The average cost for an Asphalt Repair is $520. To hire an Asphalt Repair to complete your project, you are likely to spend between $350 and $800 total. The price of an Asphalt Repair can vary depending on your area.

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Dirk is a Project Manager at Braen Stone. He's an expert on a variety of construction materials and prides himself on helping the company meet the needs of companies large and small.

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Asphalt is a cost effective and attractive option for a driveway or parking lot and requires little maintenance. It’s dark color gives it a attractive appearance and hides imperfections.

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According to price site CostHelper, homeowners report an average price of $2.24 per square foot for a new asphalt driveway and $4.36 for a new driveway, but prices can fluctuate...

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The cost of an asphalt project averages between $2,800 and $6,300, with homeowners, typically spending an average of $4,500 to install a driveway.

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Asphalt Driveway Paving Cost Asphalt , also known as blacktop, is a blend of dark pitch and sand or gravel. It costs $8.50 per square foot — $2040 for a single-car driveway and $3553 for a two-car sized drive — and is available in colors on the black-gray spectrum.

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Apr 09, 2018 · The average cost for it is $1-$2.50 per square foot. With an existing pavement the process varies with price factor changing too: Repairs- when working on an existing pavement, the contractor has to examine the base and fix any damage found. This may …

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Mar 12, 2019 · Most companies will charge business owners per square foot of resurfaced driveway. In general, business owners can expect to pay a minimum of $2.25 per square foot of resurfaced …

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Be it that you use , or asphalt, or even special materials – these, all, can influence your total cost in paving your driveway. Asphalt is usually about $4 per square foot, while is priced at about $7.50 per square foot.

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As the contractor assembles a cost estimate for your asphalt paving job, following are the most significant considerations: Mobilization: This is the cost just to get the asphalt equipment and crew to a job site. The combination of hourly wages for transporting and unloading the equipment,...

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Non-discounted retail pricing for: Hot mix asphalt and aggregate surfacing. Quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery. 129 square feet: $249.62: $285.86: Asphaltic Concrete Driveway Installation Labor, Basic Basic labor to install asphaltic driveway with favorable site conditions.

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Asphalt can be recycled, so dumping/recycling can be free or as low as $5-$30 a truck load, although in some areas it costs more. Hiring a company to break up and remove asphalt paving runs roughly $2.50-$3.50 a square foot (although small jobs may cost more per square foot).

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Contractors and municipalities recycle asphalt at $18/ton using a PT-PRO series Recycler. A hot mix costs $78/ton. Therefore, the saving is phenomenal at $60/ton. Hence, if a person uses 50 tons of asphalt for 30 days, he could save up to $90,000.

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The strength of an asphalt driveway comes from the sub grade, which is the base. The sub grade supports the asphalt driveway's structure. The asphalt driveway will have a shorter lifespan if the soil will expand or contract or if there is loose soil underneath the driveway.

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IS 131 is a design guide that takes the reader from site design through maintenance for porous asphalt pavements, while IS 140 provides guidance on using the AASHTO 93 design methodology for structural design of porous asphalt pavements.

Recycled Asphalt Driveway: Pros & Cons

Dirk is a Project Manager at Braen Stone. He's an expert on a variety of construction materials and prides himself on helping the company meet the needs of companies large and small.

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But this isn't necessarily the case; an asphalt overlay can add years to the lifespan of the pavement. Not only does it fill in existing cracks and flaws, but it gives you a new appearance for a lower cost. What Is an Asphalt Overlay? An asphalt overlay is a new layer of asphalt applied to the surface of a deteriorating pavement structure.

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With the support of our members, MAPA is committed to continually promoting and growing the asphalt network throughout the state of Missouri. Featured MAPA Black to Basics Spring Training

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One ton of asphalt covers: ½” or 12.7 mm thick = 95 SqM 1” or 25.4 mm thick = 48 SqM 2” or 50.8 mm thick = 24 SqM 4” or 101.6 mm thick = 12 SqM

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Jan 05, 2020 · asphalt driveway, compaction plate, driveway cost, driveway cost calculator, per square foot, cost of new driveway calculator, how much is a driveway, paveways, weeds

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Apr 25, 2017 · For example, in the eastern United States, it can cost anywhere between $100 and $160 to have a professional apply a sealant to 1,000 square feet of asphalt while the task may only cost between $85 and $100 in the upper-midwest region of the United States.

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Aug 15, 2018 · Crushed asphalt refers to the pavement material that has been uprooted and has been recycled. How much does crushed asphalt cost? On average, crushed asphalt can cost $5 to $12 per ton. This cost will depend on your geographical location and where you purchase it.

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Asphalt Pavement Recycling with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Environmental stewardship is designated as a major focus area of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) strategic plan. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) , environmental stewardship is the responsibility for environmental quality shared by all ...

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Aug 23, 2019 · The average cost for the basic materials to seal coat a driveway or parking lot is about 40 cents per square foot for individuals doing the work themselves, although these costs can be higher depending on the equipment you need to purchase.

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Get information on average driveway paving costs and compare price per square foot for different driveway material types.

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“Best in Colorado” Asphalt Pavement- Airport Category Lunch will be provided! This is a free seminar but RSVP's are required and available by using this link

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Mar 29, 2012 · The average cost for 2" asphalt installed is $ 1.80 sf It really can vary, a lot of times excavation must be done and also road base needs to be laid down.

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The truth is... there are many variables that determine the cost to pave an asphalt driveway. How Asphalt Driveway Costs Are Determined: First and foremost, how big or little is the driveway... how many square feet do you have?

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Is a new driveway in your future? Find out the cost, durability, maintenance requirements, DIY potential, and overall suitability of each type of driveway.

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We'll help you understand when asphalt is a good option for you, and how to maximize the life of your asphalt pavement. ... Asphalt paving costs vary depending on a variety of factors. We'll help you understand when asphalt is a good option for you, and how to maximize the life of your asphalt pavement.

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Is it cost effective??Yes, It cost less, because it is a Recycled Asphalt. A driveway constructed with R.A.M is a gravel drive that hardens in time, not a hot-mix asphalt driveway, but in almost all cases it cost much less depending on how much prep work and the thickness of material applied.

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Asphalt crack repair by filling is a common approach to improving the appearance and/or functionality of damaged asphalt surfaces like driveways.

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Asphalt driveways cost $2 to $5 per square foot to install. This is double the cost of gravel  but only about half of the cost of a driveway. Choosing an Asphalt Contractor Asphalt driveways are usually …